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University of Maryland student charged with 2 sexual assaults

  • August 1, 2018
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A 21-year-old University of Maryland student has been charged with assault and sexual assault. Police at the Baltimore County campus say two women students were victims of sexual abuse in separate incidents, minutes apart, at the University Commons building. Attorneys from are available to assist in similar cases.

UMBC police reports state that one of the women met and spoke with the 21-year-old man in the Commons’ Flat Tuesday lounge. As the woman was exiting the building, the alleged attacker shoved her into a stairwell and sexually assaulted her. The woman escaped and called UMBC deputies from a nearby student housing complex.

Later the same evening, police sent an email warning throughout the campus, containing a physical profile of the alleged suspect. Minutes later, another female student reported a sexual assault by a man fitting the description.

The second woman told officials that a man allegedly approached her outside the University Commons building.

After the pair spoke for a few minutes, the student reportedly began to touch the woman inappropriately. When she complained, he ran.

Police reviewed the women’s statements and examined surveillance tapes of the Commons area. All of the parties allegedly involved were seen in the videos, although police say no assaults were visible on the tapes.

The male student was charged and jailed on $150,000 bail. He has been charged with assault in each alleged attack. Third- and fourth-degree sexual assault charges were also added. The man has no prior criminal record.

The maximum sentence for a conviction on all charges could include prison time for more than 30 years. A trial date is pending.

As this man’s situation clearly shows, sexual assault charges can have a profoundly negative effect on a person’s life. In order to help protect your rights and freedom, speaking to an experienced criminal lawyer can be beneficial in cases like this.

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