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New Web site consolidates safety information for consumers:

  • June 28, 2019
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Could your new tires be defective? Is your child’s favorite toy a potential choking hazard? A new federal government Web site,, is available to give consumers 24-hour access to alerts and safety information.

Consumers can search this one-stop shop for workers comp lawyers in Denver, safety warnings, hazardous product recalls and general product information and even can learn how to report a problem with a particular product.

The site is sponsored by six federal agencies. Each agency provides information on specific products and an option to report problems with products:

□             The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission lists recal1s, warnings and product searches on more than 15,000 consumer products, including appliances, furniture, outdoor and exercise equipment, clothing and children’s products.

□             The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tracks recalls and defects on motor vehicles and related equipment, child safety seats and automobile tires.

□             The U.S. Coast Guard lists consumer complaints about recreational boats and related equipment. Also included are safety tips, product defects, recalls and laws and regulations dealing with boat safety issues, equipment installed by the manufacturer and different types of watercraft.

□             Both the Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Department of Agriculture issue alerts, recalls and news on food safety. -The USDA’s Food Safety Inspection Service regulates meat and poultry products. The FDA regulates food and pet and farm animal feed and inspects, regulates and reports recalls and warnings on such products as cosmetics, drugs and vaccines; blood and plasma products; medical equipment; veterinary products; and other biologics.

□             The Environmental Protection Agency lists recalls involving vehicle emissions testing, pesticides, fungicides and rodenticides.

You may search by general product, specific product and company name.

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