Keep your Clevelend”Trick-or-Treaters” safe this Holiday Season

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Keep your Clevelend”Trick-or-Treaters” safe this Holiday Season

  • April 4, 2018
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For many children, Halloween is one of their favorite holidays. They get to dress up like their favorite superheroes, Disney princesses or television character. The best part is that they get to walk around the neighborhood gathering buckets full of candy from the other residents. At the end of the night, they get to sit on the floor and survey their winnings – at least before mom puts the ‘per day’ restrictions on and hides the excess.

As children are focused on their Halloween hunt, they are not focused on traffic safety. When there are literally thousands of children out on the streets in Cleveland, the risk for pedestrians being injured in a car accident significantly increases. Stein Law Brooklyn personal injury attorneys are available to assist in similar cases.

Children will not be the only ones on the road tonight. There are still the average drivers coming home from work, citizens who choose not to participate in the festivities going about their normal routine and most importantly, those other party goers who may drink and drive.

Traub Law offer up some suggestions to help keep your children a little safer from negligent drivers this Halloween. Parents should put reflective tape on their children’s costumes so that they are more visible on the road. Also, make sure that the children’s costumes are not too long. They could trip and fall into the roadway and be unable to get back up in time to avoid an oncoming vehicle.

Another suggestion is to place glow sticks in your child’s candy bag to help make them even more visible to those on the roadway. Lastly, walk on the vehicle side of the path. Even if your child is distracted by the scene, you can stay alert for swerving or speeding vehicles by getting tips from a Cleveland rear end accident lawyer. If you need more help marketing your business: why do reviews help businesses.

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